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At the outset, we would like to introduce our company Eco Pro Tech as a group of young professionals engaged in the field of Environment management from last 20 years. We are having no. of successful clients with us whom we had served in the different fields including Consultancy, Turnkey Contracts & Equipment Supplies in the field of Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Noise Pollution Control devices and Air pollution control devices.

E.T.P (Effluent Treatment Plant)

Used to treat Industrial waste water from Chemical &Biological Treatment

ECO PRO TECH manufactures and Supplies two types of E.T.P. One with physio chemical Treatment and other with Physio chemical & Biological Treatment. We also Provide Compact E.T.P. Plant in M.S Structure & ETP only in civil Structure or ETP with civil & M.S Tanks. Commonly in use now a days. ECO PRO TECH is using latest Technology with cost saving Technics in manufacturing ETP. We are also using ultra filtration and Membrane Filtration on client’s choice.

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S.T.P (Sewerage Treatment Plant)

Used to treat domestic waste water from Kitchen, Toilets, and Bathroom.

STP Provide solution for different kind of Industries, Hotel, Resorts, & Farm houses to treat this domestic waste water with Biological treatment.

ECO PRO TECH :- manufacture and Supply different types of STP.

  1. Package type of STP is mostly used in Industries. We Fabricate it with M.S Sheet and FRP lining to save clients space and money.
  2. Civil Type of STP – Provide solution for Large quantity of sewerage generated from Industry & Residential Societies.
  3. STP with MBR Technology:- we provide STP with membrane bio reactor as per client demand.
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3. Wet Scrubber to Control Air Pollution(APCM)

This is a unique Emission control system based on STATE-OF-ART technology using Wet Scrubber for flue gas particulate separation in contrast to other available methods; this is able to achieve specified norms quite easily at low energy expense. The system is offered complete with sludge separation, water clarification & Recirculation features with Turn Key installation.


Wet Scrubber is one of the most effective methods of cleaning polluted air. We have evolved an integrated multistage Scrubbing System which had proved its effectiveness in reducing Acid Practical in emission from Acid Tanks at lowest cost.

The equipment is simple. It is easy to control and maintain with a pressure loss within 250 mm WG.

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